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#1 2015-03-01 05:16 pm

Dr. Teeth
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One man's quest for a Spring League team.

A legend in some ultimate circles, Dr. Teeth excels playing point in a motion offense. As a lvl 11 Half-Dwarf Druid/Cutter I gain a +2 modifier to low stall count, upwind hammers. Additionally I wield the Kokanee of Kourage in my off hand, which grants one gratuitous greatest attempt per game. I refuse to accept the that the endzones are now 5 yards shorter and that games are no longer played to 21 (What?, You got tired? Had to stop at 15? Is this little league?) Heckle game is rated Certified Grade AA. Cheers aren't bad either. I appreciates a fine tiramisu. I have beaten a fire in rosham. I have a great biscuit pull.

I played with the legendary herd of roaming scholarly midwestern pachyderms known as the Grinnellephants during their heyday, and later coached them to a third place finish at nationals. 

Now, after my second retirement, I am coming back, again, modeling my game after a mashup between Wizards-era Jordan and Vikings-era Farve.

Casey Fergus, 25, Male, just moved to Seattle.

I like playing frisbee. Can I be on your team? I will bring tallboys.

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