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#1 2014-06-05 02:07 pm

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The summer started and it turns out your numbers could be better?

Have no fear!  I will come play for you!

Frankly, this is just another post of someone looking to get on a summer league team... and after the season has started to boot!  But I figured I'd try.

They call me "Popples." I am female.  I would describe my play as "scrappy." I love defense. I get D's and have reliable catches and throws.  I'm in shape, but not necessarily Nationals level shape.  I played college at both USC and University of Kansas, but never pursued club after that, content to have a super fun time playing rec. leagues.  I love Ultimate because of the people and community.  Playing is a blast, but I'm not looking for an intense competitive team so much as a positive one.  soooooo E and D pools are probably best for me, tbh. 

If you need a woman, I'm your man. (huh?)  If you are needing general numbers I have a super fast boyfriend who'd love to come too!

You can email me at walenga@gmail.com

Let me play with you, please!!



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