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#1 2013-05-01 07:34 am

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Are We Doing this Right? - Promoting Youth Ultimate

Ultimate can be the difference. It's the sport that encourages non-competitive, non-athletes to discover the love of team sports. It's important to have boys and girls--especially at the middle school level- learn how to play and work together.

The truly superior athletes chafe under conditions that encourage type-B and type-C individuals. The push for single-gender leagues has been good for the truly superior athletes, and especially the boys who just want to play hard against others like them.

But can't we at least have it BOTH ways? Right now high school girls and boys who came to value the game as a co-ed sport are hurting. I hear from them and from their parents who cry "foul" for policies that preclude full, all-season participate in the sport as they came to love it.

"If you play with us, you cannot play with them." Can we drop these policies?

Can we help Type-A male coaches learn how to develop girls as full members of their teams? Can we maintain the old Spirit of the Game even as folks push to get Ultimate recognized as a legit high-school sport?

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