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#1 2013-04-22 05:29 pm

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email contacts

I've had a problem with clicking on the (contact) for different ones who are heads of different leagues. Maybe its just my browser. Anyone else having this issue?

I get this pop up every time....

"Could not perform this operation because the default mail client is not properly installed"



#2 2013-04-22 05:49 pm

Air Bounce
From: Shoreline
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Re: email contacts

It sounds like it is probably a local configuration error (on your end).  You need to tell your system what mail program to use when you click on a mailto: link.

If you're running windows, this article may help: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/312346

If you continue to have trouble, let us know (either here or by email to sysadmin@discnw.org.)



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