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#1 2007-05-15 03:15 pm

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2 Guys - NEED A TEAM!!

Hey guys -

My roommate and I have been tossing the disc for 3-4 years each. While he's been playing competitively for 2 years, I've got 3. We know basic plays (stack, zone) and some other not so basic plays. We've both got intermediate skills. Currently we're playing in spring league with Berzerker. If you need us to kick it up a notch though, we're willing and able (both 25).

We're definitely in it for the Spirt of the Game and want to have a great time at Potlatch (both the winning, the fun, and the experience). Neither of us have been and we don't want to miss out this year!

If any of you need a few guys to round off your team (or to compliment your team with good looks), let me know ASAP!!

Here are our info pages:
John - http://www.discnw.org/ale/player.html?playerId=2286
Me (Jeremiah) - http://www.discnw.org/ale/player.html?playerId=1628

- J

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