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#1 2018-02-25 10:59 pm

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Experienced But Rusty 25yo Female Seeking Practicing Team or NE ppl

Can you point me in the right direction? I'm not a beginner, but I haven't played competitively in years and would like to get back in the game.

I would like to practice regularly with a team that runs drills and focuses on strategy - ideally a team that practices in the NE Seattle area (Magnuson would be great).

Anyone who wants to throw - esp. in NE Seattle - Email me!
Can you coach me to throw better, or teach strategy or handling? Email me!

About me:
25 yo

Experience: I played 1 season for the Humboldt State University Women's Team in 2010. Played Tournaments in Chico and Oregon. Prior to that I had 2 years of semi-organized high school ultimate. Played pickup in San Francisco.

Top Attributes: Sprinting, Game Mentality, Aggressive D

I have always been paired with girls I can outrun.
I place myself on the field with intention.
I know when to stay out of the way and when/where to block.
I cut and pivot well - faster and more unusually than expected.

Bonus: graphic design, photography, social media skills



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