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#1 2017-06-16 02:05 pm

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Gentleman looking for a team

Hello fellow Potlatchers,

You have the rare opportunity to scoop up a true treasure to play on your team.  Please see all relevant examples below:

1) Won best butt on my Potlatch team last year - it's really quite great
2) Believes all contested fouls require a spirit game
3) Recently ate a baby octopus
4) This guy lifts
5) Cherophobia is the fear of fun - he doesn't have that
6) He has a dog named after a serial killer and a cat named after Asian soup
7) He has a Southwest Companion Pass and can bring a person of your choice along  from Vegas (as long as it's Criss Angel or an Elvis Impersonator)
8) He never makes his bed OR your bed.
9) He has been on an MTV show and the only way to find out which one is TO TAKE ME ON YOUR SQUAD.
10) He's a flatearther
11) Size 10.5 foot
12) Size 10.6 hands
13) His hair smells great
14) Great cuddler

Would I make your team better? Probably - I'm a relatively tall, big throwing lefty. Does that matter? No.  I want to go to have fun, make new friends, and win some spirit games!

I'd love to find a team and make this my 3rd straight Potlatch.  Unfortunately our team's bid was waitlisted this year and I don't want to miss out!  It's truly one of the best tournaments I've ever been to and would love to spend the weekend with all of you crazy folks.  I'll be out at Potlatch regardless of whether or not I have a team, so if you come up short the day of the tourney, feel free to text/call me!

phone: 813.504.8750
email: mkoverst@gmail.com

PS: I do know a few ladies who were planning on playing on our waitlisted team that are looking for teams still. I can try to wrangle up one or two if you're looking for a package deal.



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