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Male player looking for Summer/Fall Team and a Practice group

Hey everyone,

My name is Chris!  I'm a recent transplant from Boston looking for people to play some ultimate with.  I prefer to play as a cutter, however I'm comfortable enough with my throws to handle reasonably well.  I'd consider myself a competitive intermediate level player.  I've been playing ultimate for over 5 years now and have played on several strong summer club teams as well as at the college level (regionals, never nationals).  For those of you into the club scene, I tried out for Wild Card Ultimate back in Boston and didn't get completely posterized (except by Ian Engler who is a savage).  I prefer to play on Mixed Teams but I'm open to any chance to play.  Oh and I'm 5'11" in case that matters.

With that said, I realize that I'm a bit too late to make the Summer league.  What I'm looking for here is either a team that needs an extra player at practice or a competitive player (or group of players) who want to train/toss around.  I'm located in the Ballard area without a car so ideally anyone open to training together would be somewhat nearby and/or along a public transit route.  For a team/competitive setting I'm a lot more willing to travel (preferably an hour or less though).

Good luck with your seasons!




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