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#1 2017-02-04 02:06 pm

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Average player/couple looking for a spring team.

Hi all,
My wife and I are new to the area, and looking to start finding ultimate friends.  So, I'll pitch myself first.

Early thirties, played a few club seasons, mostly as a d line player, nothing exceptional really.  I like to value possession of the disc, work hard on D, and play my role, (Not a handler.)  I'm not as quick at cutting as I used to be, but willing to work on it.  Also, I'm average height.

My wife has played a little club on womens teams really likes to work in an encouraging environment, but was kind of always close to the least experienced on the team, also she's recovering from having babies, which I've found is pretty hard.  Because newborns are demanding.

So if either or both of us sound like we'd fit on your team, let me know.

If we sign up for Hat league can we pair? and if we pair, is it relaxed enough that one of us could be one the sidelines with our kids? (we couldn't both play the same point, which sucks when a team is short people)  or is it more serious than that?




#2 2017-02-19 06:06 pm

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Re: Average player/couple looking for a spring team.

Hi Jonathan,
I'm starting a low-level team for spring that might be a good fit if you and your wife are looking for a low-key place to play. My email is michaelezzo1@gmail.com if you'd like to talk more. Thanks!



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