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#1 2016-07-19 02:04 pm

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M(39) cutter looking for fall league team

The Master's Summer Hat League is wrapping up and I'd love to join an appropriately skilled Fall League team.

I'm male, 6'2" and 39 bordering on 40.  I do my best work cutting, both under and deep.  I have good hands (yeah, throw it behind me and I'll probably bail you out).  I have good throws from lots of different slots; I'm missing a scoober and a mid-to-deep backhand (working on re-working my backhand to support the latter).  I make the majority of my money on my forehand (tall guy flicks are unfair to have to mark).  I like to think I have a good read on the field and love getting the D coming over as weak-side help on hucks.

I'm looking for a team that's laid back and plays hard and is consistent enough that we can get to know each other's moves and preferences.  If you want to help me learn modern handler cuts, even better smile

(This feels so much like a dating app profile that I'm tempted to copy and paste it into OkCupid and see the response I get.)

You can respond here or mail me at smileyy@gmail.com

<3 smileyy



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