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#1 2016-07-01 04:30 pm

Ryan Dean
Registered: 2015-10-30
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Autumnal Player seeks Fall spot

I am an older (45+) male player who played for Pygmy Jones back in '93-'95.

Ryan Dean here, recently back to ultimate after a stint racing road & cx bikes for a spell.  I'm happy playing O or D, handler or cutter.  I have no superpowers per se but love doing work.  Zone D?  I prefer to play in the cup.  Zone O? Love to pop.

2016 work to date:
Fairly regular Sunday pickup ultimate with Jefferson Park GM group and tried out for Kalakala, including playing in three games at MFAS- that team effort led to a 3-0 record on the day.

Playing on Longclaw for this summer's master hat league.  Will augment with Maple Leaf Saturday pickup.

I coach an elementary team of 4th/5th graders at Thornton Creek with my Nathan Hale, YCC-playing son Jasper.





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