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#1 2016-04-20 11:44 am

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1 Girl, 2 guys looking for a team.

All three of us have been playing for over 4 years.

I (guy, handler) have been captaining a pick-up game and league team for 2 years.

The other guy (cutter) played on his college team and his bids make you think you're watching a pro game. Admittedly, he is better than me.

The girl (cutter) is one of the best female Ultimate players I've ever seen, every year she gets offers to play on Potlatch teams, but she hasn't been able to make it for x or y reason.

The three of us have great synergy, we've been playing on leagues and pick-up games with each other for over a year now.

My contact info: Andrew.gutshall@yahoo.com, or (715)703-9369

Thank you for your consideration,

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