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#1 2016-01-15 05:40 pm

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1 Man, 1 Team, 1 Potentially Successful Spring League Season

Not sure how successful this post will be, but I'm looking for a team for the Spring team league.

My name is Bret, I moved out here about 4 months ago, and I've been playing ultimate for 5 years. I like beer, long walks on the beach, smooth jazz, and beer.

I've played for my college team, mixed club, and one season in the AUDL (Rochester Dragons R.I.P.), and I like to think I haven't improved whatsoever. Consistently inconsistent some might say, but consistent nonetheless.

I've got a bum knee and a bad shoulder, but I love ultimate so I'll just keep playing until I fall apart. HMU if you need a radical dude with some gnar moves.




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