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#1 2015-08-21 12:43 am

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Guy looking for a team

Played a couple of years in college with pickup sprinkled in and around that.  Moved to Seattle last year and have been playing hat league and some tournaments, and am looking to start playing league.

I'd put myself at intermediate/advanced skill level.  I'm familiar with the game, throw just fine, am in great shape, and like to run.  I'll be one of the quicker guicker guys out on the field.  I'm 5'7", 27 y/o, cut hard, and like to play some d (whatever flavor suits you).

Let me know if you're looking for pickup!



#2 2015-08-21 08:59 pm

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Re: Guy looking for a team

I know this guy. I've played on of his hat league teams. He always shows up to games on time, has good spirit, and has amazing speed. If my team had available space we'd pick him up. He'd be a solid addition as a cutter on any team B/C/D/E pool team.

If you're taking the time to read these boards, give this guy a look. You won't regret it.



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