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#1 2015-03-21 11:05 am

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Gandy Goose Tournament mixed team needs a few more players

Hi All!

My team has a bid in for the Gandy Goose tournament. The tournament is Aprill 11-12th in Bend, Oregon. We need a few more players on the male and female side. Here are the details:

Gandy Goose is back for 2015!  Marty McFly traveled to this year back in 1985 and we thought what better way to celebrate then to through a sweet tournament!!  Call all your buddies on your landlines and join us in beautiful Bend, Oregon on April 11 and 12th.

Gandy Goose is a mixed tournament consisting of 20 teams this year.  Again this year there will be awesome field food and a beer garden at the fields, and a semi-retro party at the beautfiful Aspen Hall.  Come watch Back to the Future II in all it's glory while you drink fantastic beer and play an array of games.

If you're interested in picking up with my team please email me at: mikemarek13@gmail.com




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