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#1 2015-01-16 04:17 pm

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Nice guy, loves the game, looking for Spring team

Hello! My name is Umut and I'm looking for a Spring league team.

I'm a guy, 34 years old, 5'9'', I've been playing about 15 years. I'm a cutter, have great speed/agility and good throws but am by no means a handler. I think my greatest strengths are my spirit and speed. I'm quick, and make a living on changing direction and reading the field to find an open cut, especially timing a second cut to score. My biggest weaknesses are that I'm not very good at "jump discs" and thus get skyed somewhat frequently, and I never learned how to lay out. My defense is average: I am good at preventing throws by staying on my assignment, and have good closing speed to get a hand on a disc, but related to my weakness with jump discs many hucks get caught over me even if I'm there. My throws are good, I'd say 6/7 forehand, 6/7 backhand, 4/7 hammer, 2-3/7 scoober, 2/7 push; my hucks beyond 25 yards are very rare and usually quite poor, but have been a focus for me recently and are getting better. And I'm a very positive player: nothing bothers me, I never get down on myself or anyone else, I love just getting my heart rate up, and I'm one of the most consistent (and loudest) positive reinforcing energy people I know; almost every play I find something positive to say/yell to someone who's working hard, even if they're on the other team.

Over the years, about 85% of my play has been pick-up and right now I'm playing about four times a week on the Eastside. The last few years I've played in hat leagues and hat tournaments, and for what it's worth my teams won both Turkey Bowl and Dangle Wrangle. I've enjoyed playing with stable teammates in a more coordinated strategy quite thoroughly, and so am looking to do more of it. Let me know if you've got a spot!




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