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#1 2007-03-23 09:51 pm

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Potlatch 2007: Full Moon

Thank you to all of the people who submitted theme ideas for Potlatch 2007.  I must say, there were some excellent suggestions and creativity was not a problem.  Keep those creative juices flowing as you submit your bids.  Anyway, after much deliberation, I’m proud to announce…

Potlatch 2007: Full Moon

Yeah, yeah – we know what we’re in for by choosing this theme…bring it on!   smile   There will be a full moon the first night of Potlatch, so we’ll work on fitting the theme into various parts of the tournament here and there. 

The Bid window opens up this coming Monday, March 26th.  We’re looking forward to seeing how creative your bids can be, and with a theme like Full Moon, there are endless possibilities.  Don’t go for the obvious…there’s so much more room for interpretation if you think about it.

If you have any questions, please contact us at potlatch2007@discnw.org.

Janna, Shaykat, and Kong
Potlatch 2007 TDs



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