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#1 2014-03-24 03:02 am

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(male) Really want to join a spring team close to UW


I live by UW and bike down to SPU for school (Vis-com).
I'm 23 and I haven't played since high-school where I was varsity for Nathan Hale 09 (only year I played) and we got 13th in Westerns. (That's last place. unfortunately). But we had some good peeps like Casey Bateman, and Julian Peterson and our girls team rocked and the whole thing was crazy fun.

I cut when I played and did ok since i'm 6'3", and my arm is decent. I wouldn't say i'm extremely skilled, more like I just have a decent knack for Frisbee (and i'm tall).

I hope that this is where I can get in contact with some people from teams that are mildly competitive. I like the workhard/have fun vibe of that level of play. I miss playing so I hope there are teams out there needing players.

do teams practice several times a week? cause that would be rad.

Jonathan D.



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