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#1 2014-03-10 02:47 pm

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Are there any teams a few hours North of Seattle?

I play ultimate for Whitworth university and I live on Whidbey Island for the summers. I am just wondering if there are any teams that are in a respectable distance from Oak Harbor?



#2 2014-03-11 09:31 am

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Re: Are there any teams a few hours North of Seattle?

From the Pickup Page:

Fort Nugent Park
Sun 1:30P-3:30P - Contact: edamasco2011@gmail.com

OAK HARBOR, WA - All skill levels are welcome. Including disc golf players. Located on SW Fort Nugent Ave. The playing field is within the football field area adjacent to a disc golf course. If not due to community events, find the cones in ultimate set up. Usually active during spring and summer as each school year is coming close to an end. Attendance is low to none as each school year begins.
Updated: Sun Apr 29 11:57:08 2012


South Whidbey Parks and Rec.
Thu 6:00p-7:30pSun 11:30-2:00P - Contact: perry_canrun@hotmail.com

On Sunday we have laid back pick up game of ultimate at the South Whidbey parks and rec; with another game on Thursday at the South Whidbey High School football field. The lights are on during Thursday's game. Anyone is welcome to come, all skill levels should find this game entertaining.
Updated: Wed Jul 10 10:57:50 2013

There are also a couple Anacortes and Bellingham entries.

Wynne Scherf
Director of Youth Operations



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