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#1 2007-01-23 02:07 pm

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Player looking for team.

Hello, my name is Quinn, I am looking for a men's team in the seattle area to join or play in some pickup games.  I will pay fees.  I have never been on an ultimate frisbee team but I am athletic and play soccer regularly. If there is a competitive men's team looking for an extra player to commit to regular games I have an open schedule.  Please contact me at qsharpe@hotmail.com (please put "ultimate frisbee" in subject box) or call at 206 229-1067.  Thank you for your consideration.
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#2 2007-01-24 04:03 pm

Push Pass
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Re: Player looking for team.

There is a men's hat league (random team assignment) later in the spring.  Established (tournament) men's teams also won't pick up until later, but those teams will be looking for experienced men anyway.  Until the men's hat league, you could try Vern's Hat League.  It is co-ed and is geared towards beginners, so it is an excellent place to start to learn ultimate rules, skills, and strategies.  Keep an eye on the front page for registration information for Vern's (which is very soon according to another thread posted), and then the men's hat league later.




#3 2007-01-26 05:20 pm

High Release
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Re: Player looking for team.

Quinn -

This - along w/ the DiscNW home page - is where you'll find info re: the upcoming Verns' league - most importantly at this point, when registration opens.


You can also send questions re: the league to verns(at)discnw(dot)org.


Verns' Coordinator



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