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#1 2013-07-08 08:32 am

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All of my stuff was taken

Hey Potlatchers,

All of the stuff I brought to Potlatch is missing. Phone, ID, wallet, clothes, pillow, cleats... etc. Since everything was taken, including my gross cleats and a pillow, I am pretty sure it happened by accident. Our tents were set up not far from the FIVE couch tents on the right side, along the fence, as you are looking out on the majority of the fields from the entrance. My stuff was pretty close to the Honey Buckets on that side of the field- past the DC Muppets team campsite but before the side entrance to the parking lot. The team that camped there had an open tent with an American flag and Christmas lights, and had a dance party Friday night. I can't remember their team name.

1) Orange sports bag full of clothes and toiletries. Has FAYTELL on the bag strap (I think, I'm pretty sure).
2) Trash bag full of clothes, mostly clean, including new POTLATCH 24 gear and 2 new discs.
3) plastic blue GAP bag with dirty, sweaty, grimy black adidas cleats.
4) Off-white/brownish striped bag containing my pillow and some other clothes.
Also one of these bags has a brown grocery bag with a bright green VICE fanny pack.

If anyone has seen this stuff, please email me at mafaytell@gmail.com. I would so love to be reunited!



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