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Frisbee team seeks Pro for guidance.


I coach a team of youth frisbee players who are really talented athletes.  They have a ton of potential, and prior to learning the game of frisbee it was going to waste.  Tomorrow is our last game, at Magnuson Community Center, and the team is 12-1 but down because the season is over.  I hate to see this team, which is composed of at youth kids that are under a tremendous amount of pressure in their daily lives, have the structure of a frisbee program disappear in their lives.  The other day at practice they all sat and watched a team which we call the "big leagues" and dreamed about playing like them one day.  It would be great if someone were to drop me an email about the possibility of talking to the kids about getting serious about frisbee and what steps to take to play competitively and to get as good at those college aged kids.  I am sure that the game is a great atmosphere for a kid to be involved in and that it is a totally positive experience, but I think a visit from a true pro would absolutely give these children what they need-- encouragement, hope, and a promising future full of an exciting new sport that they can look forward to. 

If you know of anyone who can pass this message along, or if you personally are very knowledgeable about how to excel in the world through ultimate and how to take the game to the next level, please contact me at daviddpaoli@gmail.com.  We would love to hear from what the kids would consider a real pro and to hear about how the game can change your life, and what you can do to get involved.  You have no idea how important that would be to them, so thank you for your time and have a great day!



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