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#1 2013-05-10 03:13 pm

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Male and Female looking for a team!

Hey guys! i'm sorry this is a bit late, but I wasn't too sure if I could make it until a few days ago. the 2 of us are very fit, competitive, high energy, and friendly people that love to push ourselves physically! we have only been playing for 2 years, but play pretty often and like to challenge ourselves. the female is strictly a cutter, but has some pretty solid throws, and myself am able to do both handling or cutting. Also if needed I can round up another male and probably another female. Let me know if you would like 2-4 more players for your team!... even if we don't get to play the whole time, anything will be amazing! :]

we will pay our dues, bring some booze, and we can't lose! ;]



#2 2013-05-10 03:23 pm

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Re: Male and Female looking for a team!

We could use you guys! Send me an email at zacksr@comcast.net and I'll get you some more info big_smile



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