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#1 2006-11-30 01:58 pm

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Anybody want their upcoming game filmed?


Any teams out there want one of their upcoming games filmed?  I'm just starting to make some sports videos and would like the experience of shooting some ultimate games.  I've done two climbing videos so far and they are on YouTube:



What's in it for you... free filming (though I can't promise the quality), maybe you can use the footage for training etc, whatever you want.

What's in it for me... the experience of filming a couple of games (someday fame!) 

Yeah, I realize this is the slowest time of year to put this post up, but I just now have the time to get serious about this.  The offer is good for spring league also.  I'd prefer to film serious teams from an upper pool.

I've played Verns and some other leagues (masters, league) with some of you... most recently I was the sole old dude on Red Hand trying to keep up with all of my early 20-something team mates...

Drop me a line if it sounds interesting to you

glenn.pittenger at gmail

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#2 2006-11-30 04:29 pm

From: Mapleleaf
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Re: Anybody want their upcoming game filmed?

Hey Glenn,

Remember me?  I'm pretty sure I played with you a few Summers ago.  Anyhow, as a fellow attempter of Ultimate filming I can say that a good start is to watch ultimate footage.  This will give you an idea of what the most common shooting angles and frames are...and it will also give you an idea of what kinda competition you have.  Right now the most accessible footage is at ultivillage.com.  Once you register you should be able to view lots and lots of free footage.  I don't think the guy is a very good editor of film, but he does get some good footage.

Happy shooting,




#3 2006-11-30 05:11 pm

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Re: Anybody want their upcoming game filmed?

Hey Sam,

Sure I recall you, and that summer team... we rocked.  I have looked at many of the videos from ultivillage, cool stuff but I think there is always room for more, and maybe with a different perspective on angle, editing, etc.  Is any of your own stuff posted anywhere?




#4 2006-12-07 03:06 pm

Air Bounce
From: Burien
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Re: Anybody want their upcoming game filmed?

Come out to Dangle Wrangle and Chick Flick this weekend.  I am sure you can get some 'sperience there.  If past history is any indication you can work on shooting in crappy weather while freezing your butt off.  Both tournies turn out some good players so you should have a chance to shoot some exciting play.

And then there is the silliness... That should provide good camera fodder.

(Oh man.  I can't wait for Dangle Wrangle.  I am very excited.)



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