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#1 2006-10-13 10:39 am

Push Pass
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Emails to Seattle City Council regarding Magnuson Park needed

Make Sure the City Council Approves Funding for Magnuson Park

Contact Seattle City Council Members Today!!

Tell Them to Support the Magnuson Park Phase 2 Project in the 2006 Budget!!!

No More Delays!!!

We are at a pivotal point in the campaign to get a new, magnificent Magnuson Park for our community and our city. We need to make sure that City Council members know that there is strong, widespread support for the current plan to rebuild Magnuson. These plans now include two new, full-size, synthetic multi-use rectangular fields, a rugby field, and two baseball diamonds, along with many acres of new and improved wetlands, wildlife habitat, and associated trail system.

In brief, here are the key points we need to convey to Council:

I support the construction of Magnuson Park as soon as possible. City Council approved the project in June of 2004. Design and planning has been done. The money to do the project is in place. No more delays waiting for someone’s wish list to get funded. Approve the design plans submitted by the Seattle Parks Department so construction can begin!

I support the addition of Field Five, a second rectangular field, to the project. This fourth lit field was approved by City Council (Clerk File #306574). It has enough money to be completed from private, community funds ($200,000); a King County Youth Sports Facilities grant ($50,000); and surplus Pro Park funds ($880,000) that were dedicated for athletic fields use in the levy. Wetland mitigation has been included for all these fields in the permit application. Field Five is badly needed by ALL field users in Northeast Seattle and beyond. Don’t take money away from this project!

Field users need more fields to practice and play on. The number of recreational athletes continues to increase year after year for both youth and adult leagues and for both established and up-and-coming sports. Teams are struggling to find enough field space. The new fields at Magnuson Park will have an immediate, positive impact on the health and well being of hundreds if not thousands of children and adults in the community. Please give full support to getting Magnuson Park Phase 2 approved.

Here is the contact information for City Council members. Please email all of them about this issue, but especially contact David Della, the chair of the Parks, Education, Libraries, and Labor committee. Use your own words, experiences, and comments when possible. We’d like to see a steady stream of emails over at least the next two weeks as Council works through the budget process.

Calls are a great way to make an impact, too. You can talk to one of the councilmember’s aides about the issue. They are happy to take your comments. Please be civil and polite when calling. This is just playing fields, after all….

Seattle City Council Members, 2006

Sally Clark               Sally.Clark@Seattle.gov                (206) 684-8802
Richard Conlin          Richard.Conlin@Seattle.gov           (206)684-8805
David Della              David.Della@Seattle.gov                (206)684-8806
CM Della is the Parks Committee chair
Jan Drago                Jan.Drago@Seattle.gov                 (206)684-8801
Jean Godden            Jean.Godden@Seattle.gov             (206)684-8807
Nick Licata               Nick.Licata@Seattle.gov                (206)684-8803
Richard McIver         Richard.McIver@Seattle.gov          (206)684-8800         
Tom Rasmussen       Tom.Rasmussen@Seattle.gov        (206)684-8808
Peter Steinbrueck     Peter.Steinbrueck@Seattle.gov      (206)684-8804

Seattle City Council Mailing Address
P.O. Box 34025
Seattle, WA 98124-4025
Web site: http://cityofseattle.net/council/
Office: 684-8888    Fax: 684-8587

Or Participate in the Council Budget Hearing:

Seattle City Council Budget Public Hearing, Wednesday, Oct 11, 5:30pm (call-ins at 4:30pm), Council Chambers; comments on proposed budget during sixth hearing scheduled for 5:55pm
more info at: http://www.cityofseattle.net/council/

Message courtesy of Friends of Athletic Fields and many other field lovers



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