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#1 2012-06-08 09:05 am

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2 girls ready to pick up!

Hi there!

My friend and I would love to pick up with a fairly laid back potlatch team. We're both 20, love running, and have played for years. I have played A and C division league games and college club. Grace has played extensively in A and C division league play. We both love to handle but can definitely cut as well. We are extremely comfortable with and love running ho, vert, side stack, zone o, zone d, pull plays, junk d...you name it!

My favorite things to do on the field is play savage and beat my defender under or deep and Grace's favorites are huck endzone to endzone and sky guys.

We will bid for your discs, think up awesome cheers, bring goodies and whatever else you need in gratitude for taking us on. We come as a pair, but could potentially be split up if it meant the difference between going vs. staying home. :\

There are a ton of people looking to pick up, but if you show preference for ultimate involvement the way DiscNW does...Grace coaches middle school ultimate and I am the elementary league coordinator because we both believe in the importance of giving back to the ultimate community.

Thanks so much!

Michelle Herman

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