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#1 2006-08-25 11:03 am

Air Bounce
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Summer Team League Champions

Guard, Seize Them! defeated Vince of Darkness 15-12.

We rolled them early, capitalizing on nearly all of their mistakes enroute to an 8-1 half time lead.

They settled after half time and came out with a 5-0 run to bring the score to 8-6.

We finally scored in the second half and got the score to 10-6 and then 14-10. They scored two to make it close and then we finally put the defending champions down.

What I remember 1) catching a shakey pass from Sara for the first score 2) Will doing an in out cut on Finn and Dare having a very pretty throw down the middle for the long score 3) Brad bringing excitement to the game by laying out for the score 4) Orv catching up to Mike and throwing him off just enough to prevent the score 5) my throw to Sara being eaten by Finn 6) me waking up just barely enough to catch another score late in the game.

Thanks to everyone involved! I had a fun season!



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