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#1 2011-07-22 11:26 am

High Release
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Pass The Mint Jelly! Locker Lambs For Sale

It’s that time of the year for locker lambs. Support your local farmer!

First of all, let me know if you are interested or not by Friday or Saturday as the butcher will be out on Saturday. I have three lambs available. You can go halves with another person if you didn’t want a whole lamb.

Second, the lamb is pretty much organic. No antibiotics, hormones, chemicals  or animal by-products. The lambs are grass feed and therefore will  be lean. They have had a little grain to finish them out as well as  alfalfa.

The price of grain doubled for me this winter for the sheep and the hay was 1/3 more so the cost of the hanging weight of the lamb is  $4.00 per pound. This does not include the kill and cut/ wrap fee.  That is to be paid directly to Kelso Butcher. The butcher/cut/wrap fee is about $100, depending on the weight of the lamb. You will also need to talk to Kelso on how you want your lamb cut…such as 2 person or 4 person, rack or lamb chops…..

Your lamb will be ready to pick up in about a week.

Panda...it's what's for dinner.



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