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#1 2011-01-11 11:08 am

Air Bounce
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Green Games 2011

DiscNW is proud to be hosting the 2nd Annual Green Games!

The Green Games will take place at Charles Wright Academy in Tacoma on Sunday, March 13.   There are three divisions:

    * Middle school girls
    * Middle school boys
    * High school open (novice/intermediate teams)--girls are encouraged to participate in this open division, but there is no strict gender ratio

Though the tournament is designed for school-based teams, we recognize both that it can be difficult for new or intermediate high school teams to put together a full team for a tournament, and that pulling together a single-gender middle school team can also be a challenge.  For that reason, there is some flexibility to the "one school" team rule for this tournament.  We are primarily interested in growing the sport in this new city and this new division of play.  Thus, teams made up of players from more than one school will be permitted.  That being said, to maintain the integrity of competition, please limit the number of schools represented on one team (no all-star teams, please).

The registration fee is $115 per team.  We will schedule three games for each team, with one bye during the day.




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