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#1 2010-06-29 01:26 pm

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need a ride post-potlatch to SF

Hello Ultimate Kin,

In the spirit of wankery and tomfoolery I have given myself a week to figure out how to get from Potlatch to the Bay without using the traditional and expensive means of airplanes or land coaches. 

Soooooo....if anyone is making the drive and has an extra seat for a spirited adventurer/wants to save a very small lady from the hands of creepy craig's list drivers let me know.  I can of course help with gas/driving/entertainment/liquid enforcements. 

Check out the stunning endorsements from past travel companions...

"I once road with Camille to a tournament, and we got there."
"Riding with Camille is like the first 30 seconds of Christmas morning over and over again."
"Camille makes a wonderful bedbuddy and shotgun."

Let me know if you can help me on my journey.




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