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#1 2010-06-24 10:25 pm

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The Tucumán Congress needs you!

.....assuming you are a lady. Actually, better if you are like 2 or 3 ladies. Actually, whatever! if you are a guy and need a team, email me too. Just be ready to pitch yourself. You'll have to pitch slightly less hard if you're a girl, though.

We're a bunch of relatively young (college or recently graduated) good-looking people who enjoy profanity, fouling on the mark, and spiking the disc. We also enjoy powerful hallucinogenics, playing barefoot, communing with nature, dogs, and playing in dresses.

Actually, we're probably somewhere in between those two things (I hope). We like good ultimate and killing beers and shenanigans and having fun. If you like some or all of those things and want to play with us, send me an email at jflinter11 at gmail dot com.

See you on the fields!

Oh, and the Tucumán Congress is a bus stop in Buenos Aires that my friend and I thought sounded funny. It's also an important thing in Argentinian history or whatever. It probably seemed funnier at the time.



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