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#76 2016-04-15 08:12 pm

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Re: Looking for a team? Helpful Hints

spring league rosters are pretty much locked down, and except for youth specific leagues, are all 18+ for liability concerns.  But there are plenty of pickup games to be had - check out the discnw pickup page, and there is no age limit for pickup. 

I'm a northend Seattle type, so I don't know anything specific about ultimate in Oly, but all the pickups I've been to are welcoming of newbies.  Just show up, play, and learn.  Ultimate players have no problems stopping the game and explaining rules or techniques to beginners - we all want to grow the sport.

Almost all colleges have intramural and / or pickup ultimate - I can't imagine Evergreen would be any different.

Just like any other sport, probably want to remove any hardware prior to playing - incidental contact sometimes happens.

used to be fast, now I'm just old



#77 2016-08-10 01:16 pm

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Re: Looking for a team? Helpful Hints

Hi! My name is Gavin Crowell, and I'll be moving to Seattle in early September.
I am fresh off a four-year career at Knox College that ended in June when I graduated. My senior year, I had significant play time on the o line and we made it to DIII nationals, where we placed 5th. I have also had several summers of rec league in Chicago and Boston.
I typically am a cutter, but have handled in rec league settings. I am familiar with horizontal and vertical offense, as well as man and zone defenses.
I'm a 5'11" dude who's just looking to play some ultimate all the time and have some fun. I've registered for the hat league but would love to play as much as possible!



#78 2016-09-03 09:45 pm

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Re: Looking for a team? Helpful Hints

Hey everyone my girlfriend and I just moved to Seattle this weekend (Sept 3rd) and really would like to get on a team for this fall. I have been playing for 4 years and handle. My girlfriend has been playing for 3 years and is a cutter.

You can reach us at soccerslam31@gmail.com
Let us know!



#79 2016-10-21 12:08 pm

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Re: Looking for a team? Helpful Hints

Hi all!

I just moved to the area from California and looking to play some Ultimate and meet fun people. I'm friendly and easy going, but love to play competitively and get a good workout. Please let me know if you have a team that's looking for a guy!

Age: 26
Height: 6'
Gender: Dude
Position: Defense is my speciality, but I love to cut too.
Past Teams: Journeymen (SF Bay Area mens team) for the past 2 years that finished 7th in Regionals last year. Also played in college at Chapman University (their inaugural year).
Other experience: Playing pickup for the past 4 years, as well as playing tennis at the college DIII level.
Fun Fact: I can pull 80 yards with about 6 seconds of hangtime.

Hope to hear from you soon!



#80 2016-11-04 08:52 am

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Re: Looking for a team? Helpful Hints

Greetings Seattle ultimate!

Moved to the area this past August and am looking to get on a team for the winter league and beyond. I hail from Baltimore, and learned to play at Towson University where I was a cutter and played tight man defense. We made it to regionals two of my five years there, and the experience helped me join the coed club team American Hyperbole during my college career. After four years in the mixed division I moved on to open and played with Medicine Men, a DC and Baltimore mash-up that usually finished 5th or better at Club regionals the past four years. Overall I've been playing for 10 years, and consider myself a solid cutter and defender, using my quickness to overcome my height deficit.

tl;dr version: 10 years experience on mid-tier college and club teams,  lots of paying time earned through hard work and skill. Quick cutter, shut down defender, long hair.

Ta ta for now!
Jay Weir



#81 2016-11-13 05:56 pm

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Re: Looking for a team? Helpful Hints

Hello, I just moved to the area from Dallas,TX in July and am looking to FINALLY be able to play some frisbee. Its been far too long.

Here are the basics:
- I've been playing frisbee since 2007ish. Played in college and some club, all back in Dallas. Have played women's and coed. Haven't played club in 2 years.
- College: University of Texas at Arlington
_Club: Maeve (women's), BOHICA (coed, now known as risky business). Both Dallas teams.
- I can handle, but I prefer to cut.

I miss the ultimate community, so if your team is looking for a lady to come and play some points and have some fun this winter, look no further.

Ashley Goodwin



#82 2016-11-19 08:05 am

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Re: Looking for a team? Helpful Hints

So, do I post my resume here or in the general thread?  People seem to be doing both.

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#83 2016-12-12 07:54 pm

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Re: Looking for a team? Helpful Hints

Hi yall!

My name is Cait (29) and I am looking for a winter league team that needs a female player! I'm new to Seattle and am hoping to get back into the ultimate world ASAP.

I played very competitively through high school and college (Brutal Grassburn in TN and Vicious Circles at Wesleyan University). I captained/coached my college team and have continued playing whenever I can since then. I played handler as well as middle and long. I'm familiar with (wo)man on (wo)man, zone, wall, and clam defenses.

Disclaimer: I have lived in pretty remote areas over the last 4 or so years and have not been able to pull together enough people for anything more than super casual pick up in a long time. So probably a little rusty. Like real rusty. But I'm fairly athletic and fit and I think I'll be back in the rhythm in no time.

Hoping to find a chill team, good community, and fun level of healthy competition.

Shoot me an email if you think I might be a good fit for your team: caitlin.a.mchugh@gmail.com

Love, peace, and chicken grease!

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#84 2017-01-01 10:55 am

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Re: Looking for a team? Helpful Hints

Hey all, I'm Jordan and I'm looking for a team to play on (All: "Hi, Jordan."). I just finished my UW graduate degree and I'm getting ready to start my career in Seattle, so planning to find some athletic friends away from Uni life.

I played water polo in undergrad at U of Florida and played intramural ultimate a fair amount at UF and UW. Hope to have fun with a team out there!

Email: segal.jordan@yahoo.com

Gender: Male
Age: 24
Fun: Yes



#85 2017-01-04 06:37 pm

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Re: Looking for a team? Helpful Hints

Hi all,

My girlfriend and I are looking to join an ultimate team.  We are both new to Seattle having moved here just one week ago (I moved from Australia and my girlfriend from Bogota). 

We are both experienced ultimate players.  I've been playing ultimate for around 10 years and my girlfriend for 5 years, both of us on various mid-tier club teams in various countries.

I can handle but also enjoy cutting.  My girlfriend likes defense and cutting.

We both want to join a fun, chill team, meet new people and be exposed to some of the Seattle ultimate scene.

Gender: male and female
Email: lmarianarp@hotmail.com

Jarod (and Mariana)



#86 2017-02-08 11:33 am

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Re: Looking for a team? Helpful Hints

Hi there!
  I've recently returned to Seattle.  I'm looking for a team in general, but also hopefully for the upcoming DiscNW 2017 Spring Team League.

I'm a 28 y/o M, a rather lanky 6'2" 165 lbs.  I've been playing for about 10 years, a few leagues and a lot of pick-up.  It's hard for me to evaluate my overall skill level; i probably should not be in the highest level pool for Spring League.  I'm a bit better on offense, either cutting or handling. But i'm up for anything.

I'm pretty easy going and just love playing the sport.




#87 2017-02-13 12:39 pm

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Re: Looking for a team? Helpful Hints

Hey there!

I知 a Seattle native looking to get back into the Ultimate scene for spring league and beyond. Some background info:

I grew up in the Seattle ultimate community where I played for Eckstein Middle School and Nathan Hale High School. I went on to play in college at Pacific Lutheran University (DIII)

Apart from college, I played Tacoma fall hat league for several years. I played briefly with a club team based in Seattle called Seismic. I致e played Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer leagues on a variety of B and C pool teams. 

Other info:
Gender: Female
Years playing: 14
Skill Level: Intermediate
Position: Offensive handler
Strengths: Strong forehand and backhand mid-range throws and hucks, strong handler defense, zone defense (I知 comfortable playing in the cup and wings).
Weaknesses: In the air defense (still working on it!)

Looking forward to getting back into playing!



#88 2017-05-06 08:42 am

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Re: Looking for a team? Helpful Hints

Disastrophe is looking for a few more players. We are a brand new E pool team and will likely be a mishmash of beginner and intermediate players. Feel free to email me.





#89 2017-07-22 06:15 am

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Re: Looking for a team? Helpful Hints

Hey everyone I am moving to Seattle this September and looking to join a team.  I'm a 22 year old female who has been playing for three years at La Salle University and PADA (Philadelphia Area Disc Alliance).  I captained my college team my senior year.  I primarily cut but had to step up and handle last year so I'm decent at that.  Look forward to playing for a fun team and meeting some people in Seattle.
Shoot me an email



#90 2017-08-29 02:33 pm

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Re: Looking for a team? Helpful Hints

Hey! I'm looking to join a team for the fall (sept-dec.) I am a female, 22, handler. Played the last 4 years for Santa Clara University where we went to regionals the past two years. I've also played for the past two years in summer leagues. If you have a spot for me on your team please let me know! ktowers@scu.edu



#91 2017-10-31 09:31 pm

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Re: Looking for a team? Helpful Hints


My name is Andrew (though I answer to my last name, Roley /rōlē/ just as often due to the preponderance of Andrews), and I'm looking for a team for next league season, as well as any opportunities for pick-up in the meantime (preferably Snohomish County).

Bottom line up front: No professional or highly competitive disc experience, but an eye for team shape/dynamics, good D, super motivated, and fast enough to run down about anything you handlers can give me.

I grew up playing soccer, played goalkeeper on teams that went to state in rec and had a shutout season in semi-select for senior high-school year. This is where my understanding of team defensive/offensive shape grew, and helps me to see and create opportunities to exploit/shore up the defense.

I played ultimate very infrequently until college, and even then only occasionally until joining the Civil Engineer Corps (CEC) in the Navy.

Ultimate is the CEC's unofficial sport, leading me to play 1-3 times weekly from 6/2014 to 6/2016, while I was stationed overseas with nothing better to do.

Now that I'm back in the NW, we don't have enough CEC at my work to do games, so I try to go to the Boeing pick up when I can (but hard to do in the middle of a work day). When traveling I play every chance I get with local CEC/ other pick up teams.

Sure, don't pick me for my professional skills, but pick me for my heart and passion to win.

If my image tag works, you should see an example of my athleticism/heart below. Sorry it's the best I could find on quick search.


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#92 2017-11-01 10:27 am

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Re: Looking for a team? Helpful Hints

Hey guys,

My name is Kevin and I would like to find a team.  Most of my experience is on the beach in Guam but I have played in a few hats in asia along with a High level tournament in the philipines.  I would like to find a team that is fun, good spirited that can also teach new skills or styles. 

Number is 425-652-3476.  Hope to hear from someone.



#93 2017-11-18 06:49 am

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Re: Looking for a team? Helpful Hints

Looking to join a team for the 2018 Winter Team League. I am 25 M, who has 4 years experience playing ultimate (primarily pick-up, goaltimate, and college rec leagues).

Fore-hand, back-hand, and hammer.

I prefer man coverage, but can do zones. If working a zone, I prefer playing deep, wing, or mid. I am not much of a cup...

I can catch a frisbee.



#94 2017-11-19 07:19 pm

From: Bellingham, WA
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Re: Looking for a team? Helpful Hints

Would love to play this winter and in the future.  Just moved to Seattle from Bellingham. Played for 8 years (college, club, pick-up, mini, goalty) and can play defense, handler, cutter, and whatever.  I have a good variety of practical and questionable throws.  My defense preference is man, zones, hybrid, and poach-e-mon (gotta poach them all). Offense, I don't like to turn it.



#95 2017-11-22 06:40 pm

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Re: Looking for a team? Helpful Hints


My name is Gabe and I知 searching for a team for the Winter League. I知 moving to Seattle in a few days and I figured I should get a head start on finding a place to play.

A little about me:
I started playing ultimate at the tail end of high school. I continued to play in college at a DIII school in Connecticut all four years, which just came to an end in May. I was a two-year captain there and in my first year captaining, we reached DIII Nationals.

In college the D-line was where I lived, which I ran for two years as a handler. Last year, though, I played club in Boston and cut the majority of the time.

I知 planning on playing club this summer and I知 hoping to meet some people and play as much as I can before tryouts!

If there are any spots open, send me an email!



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