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#1 2009-06-21 11:25 am

High Release
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M/F Available

Emmy and Getty are looking to spend 3 glorious fun-filled days with you and your teammates!  In past years we've played with The Little Lebowski Urban Achievers, BBN and Team O. 

He is a charter member of the Kegworkers of America and Throwback.  There's dust on the bottle, but there's gold in the trophy case.  Creative throws and a firm belief that weekends were made for emptying beer cans and elevating liver enzymes are strong assets.  Also, he will provide bed/futon/couch/floor space and hot tub privileges complete with breakfasts to any/all teammates at his compound 25 minutes from the fields. 

She is a longtime member of the legendary Seattle spring league team Smokin' Chicken/Last of the Mo' Chickens and posesses a full ice chest, a pretty pink tent and a wagon to pull it all together.  She catches goals, plays some fine D and has an amazing knowledge of mixing libations such as White Russians, Orgasms and Surfers On Acid.

Inquire within...gettyf at aol dot com

Panda...it's what's for dinner.



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