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#1 2009-05-08 09:28 am

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Potlatch Youth Policy - Ridiculous

I find the Potlatch decision regarding under 18 players ridiculous. Adults don't have the maturity to behave appropriately? And the organizers of Potlatch reinforce this? Sad.

The wording on the waiver under-18 players can fill out to petition into the tournament further reinforces the sorry state of affairs. On the petition the youth player is asked, "How will you react if exposed to adult behavior?" "Adult behavior" is apparently code for inappropriate behavior. Can the modelling and expectations set forth be any worse?





#2 2009-05-08 09:29 am

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Re: Potlatch Youth Policy - Ridiculous

Thanks for your post.  Our new youth policy for Potlatch is one of a number of changes we're making this year, including increased security and changes to how and by whom alcohol is distributed at the party and broader communications about the code of conduct we expect ALL players, not just youth players, to abide by during the event.  Our goal is to keep Potlatch open, safe and a considerate neighbor to the people that rent us facilities and those who live nearby.  Any inappropriate behavior by adults, kids, players or spectators, is not welcome at Potlatch and will be addressed accordingly.

We're looking forward to having everyone in Redmond again.  If anyone has any further concerns, please feel free to post them here or you may contact me directly (kong@discnw.org).

Kong Cheung
Tournament Director



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