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#1 2006-06-03 08:10 pm

Push Pass
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Saturday Spring League Playoffs

How'd your team do?

I had a good day out at Snoqualmie with Apollo Pollo.  Fun games against Mambosok and Hot Lava.  We'll be facing off against Thunderstats tomorrow in the B Pool finals.  Conveniently this game will be at 2pm... just in time to play and then watch/heckle the A pool finals at 4pm.




#2 2006-06-03 11:30 pm


Re: Saturday Spring League Playoffs

el ocho de lava survived el pescado es carne (15-9) in the b pool at snoqualmie's plush exurban villa fields before succumbing to la carne de pollo (10-14). conveniently vamos a jugando at noon in a single header before settling in to heckle el pollo y el otro equipo. bring your coolers y hibachis a marymoor.


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