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#1 2008-08-11 03:23 pm

Air Bounce
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YCC 2008 Results

YCC 2008 is now officially over. You can find recaps/write-ups on http://youth2008.upa.org/.

To summarize:

1. Our Mixed/Coed team won two games and did very well in games against higher seeds like Boston and Atlanta. They played ATL twice (the number one seed) and lost to them in universe point in the second game! Yeah Seattle's Best!

2. Our Girls team cruised to a gold. I mean REALLY cruised. No one scored more than 4 points on them all weekend. I wish Boston and Eugene had sent teams. It would've been more fun to have competitive games. Nevertheless - our girls played great, showed tremendous spirit and brought home the GOLD! (and some dancing/singing). Go Pyro! Fire! Fire! Fire!

3. Last but not least - our Open team had the game of the day when they came back from four down in the second half to Pittsburgh's Impulse in finals to win 15-14. They had lost to them on Saturday in pool play and had an amazing comeback to take home the GOLD! Way to bring it back Overcast! Make it RAIN! Make it RAIN! Make it RAIN! 1.. 2.. OVERCAST!!

Congrats to all the players and coaches (Alex, Heather Ann, Fozz, Amy, Brook and Gabe) for all their hard work!!

A SPECIAL THANKS to all the parents (especially the Schumachers, the MacPhees, Dennis Marsh, Bruce Prang, the Montagues, the Hoopers, Jodie Wahl, and Sally Wolf) for donating time, money, and energy to the cause.

Frank Nam

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#2 2008-08-11 04:29 pm

Layout D
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Re: YCC 2008 Results

Yay!  It sounds like so much fun!!  I wish I could have been there!  Great job, Seattle!

Wynne Scherf
Director of Youth Operations



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