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#1 2006-05-23 02:21 pm

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Kleinman Tourney, August 5-6, Portland

Hey everyone,
Don't forget to schedule Kleinman into your summer tournament schedule. It is the perfect tourney to launch your run into the Fall Series!

We'll have:
--Room for a lot teams! The break down of bids will depend on how many open and women's teams we can rally.
--Potenial elite and non-elite divisions for mixed
--Great competition....including 2nd place at Nationals Whore$hack
--Great fields in lovely Portland, Oregon
--Camping, dinner, and party Saturday night (imagine that, camping in an urban oasis!)
--Field food
--Prizes for the winners

Please pass this message along, post to your bulletin boards, and send on to team captains in your area. Full details are at: http://www.portlandultimate.org/calendar_kleinman.html .

Thank you and we hope to see you all out at Kleinman!
~Laura & Kyle



#2 2006-06-14 02:54 pm

joe buck
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Re: Kleinman Tourney, August 5-6, Portland

So far we've only got 3 teams coming from Seattle.  There must be more than that?
Don't make us play all these great teams from the rest of the Pacific Northwest without you.  And remember, we're closer than Chico.

We're working hard to make this the best Kleinman yet, with lots of extras.

currently negotiating:
-All star game of each team's top player, competing for fabulous prizes.
-Skills competition=hammer accuracy, speed hoops, fastest flick as measured by Portland's Finest, best pull, stupid disk tricks.
-A brand new party venue with more beer than you can shake a stick at.
-Mechanical Bull after party.

Contact me with any questions,
birdflag at gmail
or hit the link above to send in your bid.

(I'm also available as a Potlatch pickup, just in case anyone forgot to read my post in the other section)



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