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#1 2008-04-10 05:59 pm

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Live in Wallingford!

I'm looking to move out of my place in Wallingford and I need to find a new roommate for the two awesome women I live with, Kendra and Melina Coogan (a fellow ultimate player).

Here's the scoop:
Address is 4202 4th Ave NE.
Rent is $500/mo + utilities
Pets are OK as long as Fido/Fluffy is house-trained and not a psycho-pet!

The house is on a corner, two stories, three bedrooms one bathroom, has a washing machine and dryer and lots of street parking.  It is close to the University of Washington campus (15-20 minute walk) and is a corner house with a yard and views of the Space Needle.  Your room is on the ground floor, on the corner, with lots of windows, and a closet.

What makes this house really awesome, though, is the incredible, fun, smart, active women you'll be living with. You would also get to live with the cutest dog in the world, Hometeam (a Mostly Corgi - she is well very behaved).

Please call or email if you are interested!

Lisa Niemann



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