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#1 2007-08-20 02:35 pm

Air Bounce
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Hamilton MS is Looking for Coaches this Fall

Hamilton Middle School is without a coach this fall.  They are looking for one or two coaches that can help their 6-8th graders and there is a stipend available since this league is run through the Seattle School District.

They would like someone that could coach roughly 2:15-4:15 two afternoons each week and attend Saturday games.  I think a couple of strong, mature high school students would be fine, but college age or older may be better.

Please contact me at youth*dot*coordinator*at*discnw*dot*org if you're interested. Please pass this info to your teams/friends.


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#2 2007-10-23 09:23 pm

From: seattle
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Re: Hamilton MS is Looking for Coaches this Fall

i would love to help as an assistant coach!!!
i go to garfeild which is practically next door i am 15 and a half been playing on a team for 4 years gone to ultimate summer camps and am a pretty skilled player

please email me so i can tell you more about my self/ and my skills if you are interested 



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