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Team Tournament
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Redmond, WA

Welcome to a new chapter of summer fun in nearby Redmond, WA. This newly rebranded tournament hopes to bring the same joy and excitement as previous years and hopefully some new things as well. The TDs are already hard at work planning to make this years event truly special. We hope to see you this summer!


New this year, registration closes APRIL 27th!!!!! This is 3 days earlier than previous years.


Youth Player Eligibility Sunbreak is an 18+ event.  Only players 18 years or older are eligible to participate.  

Gifts – Please keep up the Sunbreak tradition of exchanging gifts with the teams you play. Gifts should be something that represents your team or the area you are from and should not be Alcoholic or illicit in any nature.  Teams will get 3 games on Saturday and Sunday, and 2 to 4 games on Monday, so plan on roughly 8 to 10 gift packages. 


Other Notes:

  • Host venues – Treat our hosts with the utmost respect, or else we will not be welcome back!
  • Broken glass can cause injuries and can present a very dangerous environment for other park participants that use the fields after us.  So, NO GLASS will be allowed at 60 acres park.  If your team is seen with glass containers of any kind, you will be asked to immediately dispose of it in a recycling receptacle or dispose of it properly offsite (put it in your car). 
  • 60 acres park is a public area where nudity is not permitted. 
  • The shower facilities are for showering only. Go in, get clean, get out.  There will be plenty of time later and in more appropriate locations to quench your thirst.  There will be bag checks as you enter the shower facility to ensure their No Alcohol policy is followed.  Please bring your own towels
  • Camping – camping is allowed from Friday night (5pm) through Tuesday morning (10am).  We will be using a lottery system to assign camping on the flat portions around the field. The hillside camping will still be first come/first served.  Unfortunately, several campers had items stolen from their tents last year.  Please take precautions. 
  • As usual, camping is allowed around the perimeter of the fields with a few exceptions. 
    • All tents must be placed within 15 feet of the fence line that surrounds the park. 
    • Along the south side, camping is only allowed in the west corner near Field 8. 
    • On the north side, camping is not allowed in the east corner near Fields 29 & 30.
    • Please avoid the woody areas. 
    • Please do not set up your tents on any area inside of a field line. That includes any painted soccer lines as well as any port-a-field ultimate lines or other barriers. 
    • Please do not set up your tents in any area labeled as off limits on the camping map.
  • No Alcohol – if any Tournament Director, Staff Member, or Security Personnel asks you to dump out or stow away your drink, you must comply immediately. Any acts of non-compliance will result in that person and their team being directed to leave the tournament immediately.      Don’t forget – NO GLASS!
  • No fireworks, No flames – No exceptions!  If anyone is caught lighting a flame to anything, they (and their team) will be asked to leave Sunbreak immediately. This includes small backpacking stoves!
  • We will be carding at the party.  Bring your IDs! You will not be allowed to bring in liquids of any kind. 
  • No dogs – Seriously, no dogs.  We can’t have them on the fields, or tent area, and leaving them in the car is just not cool.
  • Carpooling – Gas is expensive, and with so many teams, parking will be limited.  Please carpool as much as possible.
  • A note about the 520 bridge toll - here is a link about rates:
  • Pools and slip-and-slides are not permitted at 60 Acres for Sunbreak.


We’ll be in touch with local area teams to talk about your volunteer tasks. 

If you have room for extra players on your team, please post a message on the DiscNW Bulletin Board stating your desire for pickups.  There are many, many players who would love a chance to play.

Follow us on Twitter @SunbreakTourney.


Important Dates

  • March 5th: Bid window opens
  • April 27th: Bid window closes, all registration materials due (Note: there is no separate bid window for International teams but you should email the TDs if travel Visa's are an issue)
    1. Team Registration Form via DiscNW Site
    2. Team Creative Bid - See Registration Page for details
    3. Team Deposit Paid (Cost TBD)
    4. Team Roster Minimums completed including waivers signed
  • May 14th: Bids awarded (Captains have 1 week to confirm team acceptance)
  • May 21st: Any bids not accepted are moved to the Waitlist
  • June 1st: Player payments due, all checks are deposited.

Please note the following refund policy regarding Team Deposit: Any team dropping after the May 21st deadline will NOT have their deposit refunded.

This policy may be adjusted (at the TDs' discretion) for teams who are let into the tournament after the normal dates due to being originally waitlisted (and other extenuating circumstances).

Have questions or comments? E-mail the Sunbreak Tournament Directors at