2018 YCC Scholarship Application

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This is the application for individuals seeking financial aid to participate with the DiscNW Youth Club Championship teams.


 If you are seeking financial aid for a different type of event, please visit our financial aid home page.

Any person—the player, a coach, a parent/guardian, a relative, a family friend, a teacher, or other—may apply for financial aid on behalf of a YCC player.

Please read the Youth Club Championship Scholarship Policy before completing this application; it includes information on scholarship criteria and guidelines.

  • Applications must be submitted by 11:59am on June 10th. DiscNW reserves the right to deny any scholarship application received after the deadline.
  • The online form must be completed in one sitting, so please allow 15-30 minutes to apply.
  • The online form requires an electronic signature by a parent and review by an adult (parent or other).  Please be sure that the parent or other adult (if applicable) are available before beginning the application.
  • If you need a paper application, please email ycc@discnw.org.

To apply, click on the "Register Now" link below and complete all requested information