Expert Throwing Analysis (2016)

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We're excited to announce a new service for ultimate players interested in improving their throwing form!  Expert throwing analysis is now available from Kyle Weisbrod, head coach of University of Washington's women's ultimate team, Element.  


We are now accepting videos for analysis!  $50 for either your forehand or your backhand gets you an 8-12 minute breakdown of your throwing form with expert recommendations on how to add distance, control, and consistency.  $80 for both throws together. 


How It Works:

Once you've registered for the throwing analysis, you will need to provide film of yourself throwing 6-10 throws for each side that you want analyzed.  You can upload them through YouTube, Vimeo or another mutually agreeable site.  

After your throws have been uploaded, we will perform analysis.  Analysis will take 2-4 weeks.  We will then upload the video to YouTube and provide a private link.

Specs of the Video:

Your video should be shot from about 5-6 feet high, preferably using a tripod.

For Right-handed Forehands/Left-handed Backhands, the camera should be 20 feet away and 2-3 feet to the right of the pivot foot.

For Left-handed Forehands/Right-handed Backhands, the camera should be 20 feet away and 2-3 feet to the left of the pivot foot.

All throws should start from a neutral position (feet shoulder width apart, square to camera, disc held near the middle of your body).

60 Frames per second or faster video is preferable but we can work with what you've got.