Turkey Bowl (2017)

Event Type
Hat Tournament
Event Start
Event End
Genesee Park, Seattle, WA

This one-day hat tournament hosted by DiscNW is a Thanksgiving tradition that gives Ultimate players the opportunity to run off some of those second and third helpings of stuffing while giving something to charity. Donations go to NW Harvest, an organization focused on helping disadvantaged families with a basic necessity: food.

In addition to playing some Ultimate, the tradition at TurkeyBowl is to chow down on a scrumptious turkey & fixins lunch before playing one more game.

Volunteering to bring food for the dinner secures you a space for this tournament which fills up every year!


BREAKING NEWS: This year's event will be at Genesee Park in the south end of Seattle.


NEW GENDER FORMAT: This event will move to a 6v6 equal gender format. Each team must play with 3 women and 3 men on the field at all times. Depending on signups we may change the field dimensions. For now assume it will still be full field per USAU 11th edition rules.


Planning for our potluck lunch is now underway. If you want to contribute something check the list below for updated lists of needs and then fill out this form for food volunteers. All food portions need to be either cold or be able to be reheated in a pot (provided by DiscNW) on a propane grill at the fields. Portions should be big enough for 6-8 servings. 

Special BONUS: those bringing turkey portions will be allowed to select which team to join after all the other members have been selected.


Item # Needed # Claimed
Turkey/Ham/Roast Beef 12 1
To-furkey 2 0
Stuffing 8 0
Cranberry  2 0
Gravy  6 0
Potato Dish or Side Dish  8 0
Sweet Potato Dish or Side Dish 8 1
Pie or Dessert 6 0


Game Schedule:  Teams will be assigned as players check-in.

Team draw will begin at 830am-ish and games start at 900am. Games will go until 4pm and there will be a lunch in the middle. Due to fluctuating player numbers we won't have a game schedule ready till the end of registration, when we know how many teams we will have. Everyone plays every round except for final round which will be the top two teams playing for a championship. After games begin we will setup snacks and hot beverages and of course there will be lunch around noon.
What to bring - A white shirt (no grey doesn't count, shame on you for asking) and a dark shirt (this is anything but white, no grey still doesn't count here, stop asking :)) A water bottle, there will be no drinking water on site as the spigots are off. All tournament water will be used for HOT beverages so please plan accordingly. There is a grocery store on Rainier Ave near Genesee if you forget. Plate and utensils for eating. We are attempting to leave a zero foot print here so reusable stuff to eat off and with is preferred. A container for hot beverages would be nice, but we will supply them if needed.

Questions? Email the Head Turkeys at .


Where: Genesee Park on the synthetic turf fields!

When: Saturday, November 25th

Player sign-in is at 800am at the fields - you must register online before the event. The first game will start at 9am. Each team will play 4 games, and we'll be done before sunset.

Who: The first 48 men and 48 women to register will make up the rosters for the 8 teams.  Online registration opens October 6th.

Teams will be selected via a random hat draw at the fields.  Buddies will be accepted according to the Buddy Policy for Hat Events.

How Much: $55.05 (includes sales tax) per person.   Payment may be made online or via check payable to DiscNW, Attn: Turkey Bowl, PO Box 85112, Seattle, WA 98145.


If you bring all your own utensils and plates and what-not, we can lessen the trash the tournament generates. Be earth-friendly.


Turkey Bowl is an 18+ event, for more information see the Hat Event Policy linked below.

We will be using the USA Ultimate 11th Edition Rules.

The DiscNW Hat Event Policy and the DiscNW Buddy Policy apply to this tournament.

Games are to 13. Caps and other important details will be discussed at player sign in.