Tacoma Summer Hat League

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Hat League
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STAR Center - Turf Fields - Tacoma

STAR Center turf fields (3873 S. 66th St. in south Tacoma) on Mondays from 7:30-9:45. This will be a four-team mixed hat/draft league. Games will start on June 18 and run for nine weeks. There will be a two week playoffs on August 20 and 27. 

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Registration is open! Note there will be an Official Sub policy in effect. If you know that your attendance will be spotty, or that you will miss playoffs (August 20/27), please answer the question when you sign up that you WILL be an Official Sub. This means you show up when you want to, bring all four shirt colors, and play for who needs you that night. You won't be drafted, so no guilt if you miss a week or weeks.