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Hat League
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Tacoma, WA

Tacoma indoor ultimate league run in conjunction with Tacoma Metro Parks District. Join us for about 9-10 games of intense indoor ultimate fun!


Indoor ultimate is exceptionally dynamic, with constant action. As soon as a team scores, the other team takes over on offense. We play on a large basketball court with small end zones. Court/tennis shoes are recommended. 


Games will be played on Wednesday evenings at Truman Middle School.  Rounds will start at 5:45pm and we will be done playing by 8:45pm.   Each person plays one game in a one hour time slot.  


  • We will be using the USA Ultimate 11th Edition Rules with our indoor modifications.
  • Hockey-style substitutions with 4 quarters of play.
  • 6 second stall count
  • Teams will be formed by draft. 
  • You may "buddy" with one player, but BOTH of you must select each other.  Buddies are not guaranteed; decisions will be made by league coordinators and captains to ensure balance.  Please only buddy if you truly need to play at the same time as another player (transportation or marriage issues for example).

The DiscNW Hat Event Policy applies to this league, and all participants must be 18 years of age or older.

Please always follow the directions of the League Coordinators regarding court layout, gym rules, and DiscNW policies.

  • DiscNW’s gender maximum rule requires each team to play each point with no more than four players who identify as the same gender. If you cannot do so, you will have to play down unless otherwise discussed with your opponent according to the Captain’s Clause.
  • The gender a player identifies with is considered that player’s gender.  Please refer to DiscNW’s Gender Inclusion Policy for more information.

Please start and end your game on time!!