Sundodger (2017)

Event Type
Team Tournament
Event Start
Event End
Burlington, WA

Welcome to the 2017 rendition of Sundodger. We hope to bring 14-20 mens teams and 8 womens teams together in an early season tournament jamboree.


Congratulations to University of Puget Sound Postmen who are the 2017 Winners!

2017 Sundodger Winner


Teams can expect 5-6 games on the weekend.

First teams bid fee = $434.00 (price includes sales tax)

Second team bid fee = $325.50 (price includes sales tax)

While we want to have as many teams as possible, we will prioritize first teams over second teams. Please wait till you have a direct email from our TD confirming your team's number of bids.


We will be playing by USAU 11th Edition Rules.


More competition rules will be posted Thursday prior to the tournament, when final schedule is released.