Summer Masters' Hat League

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Hat League
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Seattle, WA

It’s  summer — time for The Best Ultimate League in the country, DiscNW’s Master’s League.  For men and women players over 30, this league continues to be a favorite among veteran players & newcomers alike, distinguished by mellow, gender-friendly and fun play. Best. Ultimate. Ever.


Registration opens April 23rd.



  • All games will be played on Monday evenings at 6:30pm
  • The season starts on Monday, June 4th and concludes on Monday, July 23rd
  • There will probably not be regular-season play on July 2nd (Though, we observe our traditional "Bring A Ringer Day" then, details coming soon...)
  • Like last year, you may register onto a team or a pod.  See below for details about this format.
  • Players over 30 may register for the league
  • Women play in the league, but unlike regular co-ed leagues, there is no gender ratio enforced.  We normally average a 5/2 gender ratio.

2018 Color Scheme

Players bring a white and dark shirt to the games.  Depending on your field assignment for that week, please bring the following jersey color (don't ever bring grey please - it's confusing).  Also be considerate of your team-mate pod-mate, and bring an extra

  • Field 3A - Black/Purple
  • Field 3B - Green/Hawaiian
  • Field 4A - Blue
  • Field 4B - Red/Orange/Pink


All regular-season games will be played in Seattle, almost all on the grass Sports Meadow at Magnuson Park in Seattle - which will have painted ultimate field lines for the summer season.  Seattle fields permit.



Online registration opens April 23rd.  The registration fee is $65.00.  Payment must be made online or by mailing a check to DiscNW, Attn: Masters Hat, PO Box 85112, Seattle, WA 98145 within 7 days.  After seven days, any unpaid registration is placed onto the wait-list.  The league accepts the first 160 paid registrations The payment deadline is May 25th, 2018.



In the past we've organized this league using "pods", where players were placed onto "half-teams" of 8-10 players; each week pods would pair against other pods. Pods give everyone the chance to play with everyone in the league.  But some players prefer a normal "team" approach, where there's the change to build week-to-week continuity. This year, players register into one of three categories:

  • Team - assigned to group of ~15 players for the entire season; team registrants commit to making 70% of the scheduled games;
  • Pod - player placed onto a "half-team" of 8-10 players for the entire season; pod registrants commit to making at least half of the scheduled games;
  • Free Agent Pool - everyone else. Free agent players aren't assigned to any group; on game day, they get "drafted" to the groups who need players for that day.  

We try to balance teams/pods by talent, experience, gender and expected attendance. 

Games - Two pods will combine to form one team for a game. The schedule mixes games of team-v-team; team-v-pods; and pods-v-pods.

Buddies - Friends are encouraged to register together for the league. If you want to play together as a team or pod, please name the team/pod captain as your "Buddy" when you register.  Team captains are tasked with ensuring they have adequate numbers for each week. Players that don't list a buddy are assigned by the league.  The league will consist of 4 teams and 8 pods.

Players accepted into the league after close of registration are designated into the Free Agent pool - they play where needed (to fill pod shortages on a week-by-week basis.)  Being a free-agent is a great way to play with virtually everyone in the league.