Summer Corporate League (2017)

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Team League
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Seattle, WA

The corporate league is for coed teams comprised of employees from a company who want to play other companies. Some companies sponsor their teams' league fees. The league has a wide range of skill levels but is primarily for beginners who want to have fun with their work colleagues.


UPDATE - April 18 - REGISTRATION IS OPEN. Get your team on the list! 

UPDATE - May 25 - REGISTRATION IS CLOSED. We're all full!

CAPTAIN'S MEETING 5/31 at Bergschrund at 6:30. Send your two+ captains, or send alternates with an interest in spirit and equity! 


Equity Resources

During our captain's meeting, we had a discussion about equity and safety. Kellie used several resources I promised to post here, so here they are. These include concrete actions and conversations you can have with your team.

Here's resource 1, a long sheet of these actions, conversations, and resources: (link). That's got the most good stuff in it - you'll find discussion prompts and a bunch of articles regarding ultimate and issues of equity. 

Kellie's presentation, with the discussion prompts we had during the meeting: (link to PDF)

Here's a video of a good, clean bid; notice that there is no contact on this play. Meg Harris being amazing (the rest of that video has tons of great highlights - enjoy!)

Now some articles. The first two are great for showing people how to be on the field. The last is good for captains, especially, and anyone thinking about building team (or corporate) culture deliberately. Here's an article with a bunch of video examples and discussion of how not to do it: Ultiworld on tricky bids. Another article: Ultiworld on very bad bids. Bert Abbott on spirit, equity, and team culture and dynamics: BertBrains!

Thank Kellie Koester again for hosting this and gathering these resources! Feel free to ask me any questions you like -



  • This is a coed league, and all teams must play with a 4 men :: 3 women gender ratio for all games.  If you don't have 3 women you'll have to play down.
  • Each team should have at least 1 female captain.
  • We will be playing on grass and turf fields in Seattle, and possibly also a few games in Shoreline.
  • Games will be on Wednesdays and will start between 6:30pm and 8:30pm.
  • There will be weekly games, with pickup and/or showcase games and social event on the final week.

Game reschedules/forfeits:

  • Contact your opponent’s captain via e-mail and let them know of your situation. Copy us ( on this correspondence.
  • Notify your opponents at least 4 days in advance if you are unable to field a team for a game.  Forfeits should be recorded 1-0.
  • Even if you are able to make an easy change and don’t need to contact us for fields, etc., let us know of the change regardless.  Your unused field can be of use to someone else.


Registration opens on April 12, 2017. 

Payments can be made by credit card online or via check - the team fee is $935.85 (this fee reflects an increase in the base fee [to help offset rising insurance costs] as well as an increase in sales tax) - by sending one to us with your team name on the memo line at...

  • DiscNW
  • Attn: Summer Corp League
  • PO Box 85112
  • Seattle, WA 98145

Team fees are due by the close of registration - MAY 31. If you don't pay by the deadline you won't play in the league. Teams that have not paid the fees in full by the deadline will have their registrations canceled, and their spot in the league may be given to a team on the waitlist. Click here for the DiscNW Payment Policy.

If you have registered and intend to play, but for some reason you can't pay the league fee by the deadline please contact the League Coordinators right away at



We will play most games in Seattle this season on the grass Sports Meadow at Magnuson which will have painted ultimate field lines.  Some games may be in Shoreline and at other fields in Seattle.  Seattle fields permit.


See general league rules under the Player Safety tab above. 

In addition, given that this league is meant primarily for newer players, please discuss these rules and play styles with other captains if they concern you and your team:

  • Foot blocks
  • Zone defense, particularly early in the season

This doesn't mean they're prohibited; it means they're a good thing to check in with the other captains about.