Slog in the Bog

Event Type
Team Tournament
Event Start
Event End
Burlington, WA

Known for its fabulous spread of food and drink as well as uncertain weather (Snow? Rain? Sleet? Sun?) the tournament is a chance for your team to shake off the cobwebs and get ready for spring league.


Field Map


Game Schedule

    A Pool   Round Time Field 1 Field 2 BYE  
  1 Ghetto Birds   9:00 AM Ghetto Birds vs Rubber Hammers Seattle Garbage vs Rain City Ultimate 2  
  2 Clog in the Bog   10:45 AM Ghetto Birds vs Seattle Garbage Clog in the Bog vs Rain City Ultimate 5  
  3 Seattle Garbage   12:30 PM Rain City Ultimate vs Rubber Hammers Clog in the Bog vs Seattle Garbage 1  
  4 Rain City Ultimate   2:15 PM Ghetto Birds vs Rain City Ultimate Clog in the Bog vs Rubber Hammers 3  
  5 Rubber Hammers   4:00 PM Ghetto Birds vs Clog in the Bog Seattle Garbage vs Rubber Hammers 4  


Important Dates

 February 5th  Registration Opens
 March 2nd  Registration Closes
 March 2nd  Payment Deadline
 March 6th  Captain's Packet/Schedule Posted



  • What: 12 to 24 mixed teams at Slog in the Bog
  • When: Saturday, March 10th, 2018
  • Who: You and your (Spring League, Winter League, Alumni, etc.) mixed team
  • Where: Burlington, WA. Skagit River Park.
  • Cost: $324.42


Registration is now open.

Other stuff:
There is no planned social event in conjunction with Slog in the Bog. However, tournament staff recommends El Gitano for genuine Mexican food and a guaranteed good time. Thirsty folks should consider heading down the road a bit for refreshments at the Skagit River Brew Pub in Mt. Vernon. Enjoy responsibly!


The 11th Edition of the Rules of Ultimate will be used at Slog.

  • 4:3/3:4 Offense Calls (Please do NOT force a team to play 4 ladies if they have less than 5 healthy ladies)
  • Games to 15, point cap at 17
  • Hard cap at 90 mins
  • 2 timeouts per half, timeouts are 90 seconds long.

Please start and end your game on time!!