Northwest Challenge

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Team Tournament
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Seattle, WA & Burlington, WA

Welcome to the 2018 Northwest Challenge!

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Schedule Change (3/22)!

Due to weather, the schedule for NW Challenge has changed

  • Tier 1 Men's Will now be at the UW Intramural fields on Saturday with shorter rounds (and some schedule changes)
  • Tier 1 Women's, Tier 2 Women's, and Tier 2 Men's is currently still in Burlington but rounds have been shortened and moved earlier
  • We are currently seeking site to host the Dev division

For teams, communication will continue through E-mail and GroupMe.

The schedule on the USAU Site is currently up-to-date as of (4:40PM 3/22): 

If you are interested, please e-mail


For teams that have confirmed attendance at NWC, please click the register button above and fill out the information.  This will allow us to send an invoice to the appropriate contact.  Thank you!


We're excited to announce the 2018 Northwest Challenge!  We are again expanding the tournament and adding new divisions and once again plan to put on one of the best quality college events of the year!   
Dates and Locations:
March 23-25, 2018 
Friday - Seattle, WA (University of Washington Campus)
Sat/Sun - Burlington, WA (Skagit River Park), Seattle, WA (Dev Divisions Only) 
Divisions and Formats:
Division # of Teams Days USAU Sanctioned Total Games Format
Women's Tier 1 (3 Day) 10 Fri-Sun Yes 7 Pool/Brackets
Women's Tier 1 (2 Day) 8 Sat-Sun Yes 6 Pool/Brackets
Women's Tier 2 8-16 Sat-Sun Yes 6-7 Pool/Bracket
Men's Tier 1 10 Fri-Sun Yes 7 Pre-scheduled Games
Men's Tier 2 8-16 Sat-Sun Yes 6-7 Pool/Bracket
Men's Dev 5 Sat-Sun No 6-7 Round Robin/Bracket
Women's Dev 6 Sat-Sun No 5-7 Round Robin/Bracket
For the Tier 1 women's division: Teams will play in an initial pool.  3-day teams will play in pools of five and 2-day teams will play in pools of four. We will have a pool 1b made up of the top four Tier 2 teams.   The top two 1b teams will advance to play Tier 1 play, while the bottom two 1b teams will enter the Tier 2 bracket.
Brackets on Saturday afternoon and Sunday will be: 1-8, 9-16, and a 17-20 round robin.  Because the pools will not be evenly balanced, the number of spots each pool will have in each bracket will be based on the pre-tournament USAU ranking of each team.  So, if a 3 day pool has teams ranked (1, 6, 7, 14, 18) the top three finishers in that pool will advance to the 1-8 bracket, the fourth finisher will advance to the 9-16th bracket, and the last place finisher will advance to the 17-20 round robin.  There will be no pool rematches in the quarterfinal brackets of the 1-8 or 9-16 brackets.
For the Tier 1 men's division, the format will be similar to last year.  Teams will receive a pre-scheduled set of seven games that accommodate each team's schedule and guarantee quality competition against unique opponents.  
Tier 2 women's division and Tier 2 men's division format will be determined based on number and strength of teams.
Our Men's and Women's Dev Divisions are for newer and/or B teams.  The event will be hosted on the UW campus and will not be sanctioned in order to keep costs lower for teams attending.  Format will be round robin followed by brackets.
Cost and Amenities:
Final cost  will be $542.50 for 3 Day Woman's and Tier 1 Men's teams, $490 for 2 Day Women's Tier 1, and $434 for all other Teams.  
We will once again have the following amenities:
    • Trainer on all sites
    • Lined fields with plenty of sideline space
    • All games to 15
    • Nationals length rounds with Nationals timeout and cap rules
    • Ultiworld reporting, filming, and providing games in the College Package (we are currently discussing live streaming)
    • Tournament Food and Water
    • Friday Night Showcase Game
    • Observers on some games (we are working to partner with observer clinic)


Women's 3-Day (Fri-Sun) (9 teams/FULL)


Women's 2-Day (Sat-Sun) (20 teams/1 Spot Available) - Will split into Tier 1/Tier 2 in March

Boise State
Boston College
Cal Poly
Claremont College
Colorado College
Oregon St.
Puget Sound
Simon Fraser
Cal State - Long Beach

Women's Dev (4 Teams/1-2 Spots AVAILABLE)

Seattle U
Washington B
Western B

Men's Tier 1 (10 Teams/FULL)

Oregon State
Western Washington

Men's Tier 2 (10 Teams/FULL)

Western - B
Lewis & Clark
Montana State
Puget Sound
UW - B
Boise State

Men's Dev (4 Teams/1-2 Spots AVAILABLE)

Gonzaga B
Seatte U
Simon Fraser
UW - C



We will be admitting teams by a rolling admissions process.  Please e-mail with the following information:

    • School and Team Name
    • Contact Name
    • Contact E-mail Address
    • Ranking of Divisions You'd Like to be Considered For (e.g. 1. Women's Tier 1 (Fri-Sun) 2. Women's Tier 1 (Sat-Sun) 3. Women's Tier 2) 

Submission Deadlines:

    • October 31st (Admissions announced Nov 5th)
    • November 30th (Dec 5th)
    • December 30th (Jan 15th)

Applications not accepted in each announcement will be rolled over to next bid consideration period.

After January 15th, any remaining spots will be filled on a first come/first serve basis.  

Thank you and we're looking forward to seeing you here in March!